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Work From Home Jobs that don’t Suck so you can travel the world

Being a Podcaster

Do your friends tell you that you’re great at telling funny stories? Do you end up being the center of attention at parties? Do you get tons of likes and comments on all your witty zingers on Facebook and Twitter? Have you been told to try stand-up comedy but you’re too nervous to get up in front of a crowd to try to tell some jokes? Maybe you should try out podcasting. You can riff on the current events of today, interview friends and locals about things going on in your community. Maybe you could write and develop a show like Welcome to Night Vale Got a passion about a hobby or activity? Make a podcast about it and tell people all about what it takes to really get good at fly fishing, or snowboarding, whatever it is that excites and motivates you to get out of bed in the morning and go out and do stuff is what you need to be talking people about. If you’re engaging and captivating you can make just about any topic a winner.

You’ll want to get a good microphone and camera to record the podcast. If you’re not sure about putting your face on the internet you can get screen capturing software and video editing tools and make your videos have an avatar that stands in for you. If you don’t want any visual representation you can just skip all that nonsense and go right to audio only format. Whatever makes you most comfortable and able to express yourself is best for your podcasting career.

Work From Home Jobs that don't Suck so you can travel the world

Set a schedule for your podcasts. You don’t want people waiting weeks and weeks for each new episode. Plan out if you’re going to go once a week or more than that and stick to it. You’ll find it’s easier to get views and subscriptions once people know what the format of your channel is and when they can expect new content to arrive.

You should be active on as many social media platforms as possible. If you’re covering college football you should follow all the big athletes and coaches and tweet at them to see if you can anyone talk to. Scoring an interview with a star could be as simple as just starting a conversation on-line. You never know what good will come from engaging people till you try. Whatever your passion is there are people in your field that have followers and fans, finding ways to get their attention is a great way to get yourself noticed.

Podcasting is an amazing new field that is one of the latest Work From Home Jobs that don’t Suck so you can travel the world that somebody can get into with just a little charisma and a lot of effort. You could take the world by storm and become a media sensation. Many famous people are into podcasting now and many podcasters have also become famous. This is a new medium that has plenty of room for growth and potential for you to make big profits. Don’t sit on the sidelines, get in the game.