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Tanning Tablets

Getting a tan is a big part of today’s life. You don’t get on Tinder, Bumble, OKC, PoF, or any of the other trillions of dating app sites without wanting to make sure your skin looks like the golden sun kissed flesh of a Greek God/Goddess. You aspire to look great all the time. You work out, you diet, you have an impeccable sense of fashion, and now you just need to have a nice lush dark skin tone to really pull the whole package together and make yourself look like a star. Now tanning isn’t so easy for those of us who don’t live in tropical paradises. Trips to Florida aren’t exactly cheap and Europe will really cost you a pretty penny if you want to try those Italian beaches. This whole Euro thing isn’t working out for America. They don’t produce nearly what we do yet somebody their money is worth more? I don’t understand it at all. I feel cheated and I’m pretty outraged about it. So fine Europe, have your expensive money and your health care systems that treat everyone. Oh and gun laws that make a little sense, you have those too, but still you don’t have Donald Trump for your leader. Take that you no good so and so’s! You can find more on

Tanning beds seem like a good idea but really when you get down to the brass tacks of the issue you’ll see that they are giant wastes of money and time and really they aren’t safe in the slightest. You might think you can do something that will mitigate the negative impact these things will have on your overall health but you would be very wrong. Tanning beds are pretty much just skin cancer ovens waiting to dry up and wrinkle your flesh.

This is a bridge too far for even the most image conscious of people. Stay away from these things and work towards a far healthier, more natural tan. A tank that is good for your skin and your health.

You want to try tanning tables. Pills that unlock the natural darkening qualities of your skin and get you that beautiful bronze look in a natural and safe way. These pills will really help you get the look you’re seeking out and do it in a safe, holistic way that makes everyone feel good about how you went about improving your appearance. There is even some research that has gone to show that these pills help to burn some calories and can really help you perhaps shed a few pounds and make yourself look even better. That’s a bonus side effect I’d be a fan of.

Now the tanning tablet you should see out is the darklush brand. These folks are on top of the tanning tablet industry and really know their stuff when it comes to making you look your very best. You’ve worked hard to have a great body and these people have worked even harder to make that great body look incredible.